Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Update about videos.

Alright, what I got dun (yes I know it's "done") today. And none is on YouTube.

*I got an intro for all my videos
*Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (made)
*Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (made)
*(Giving a video away) Let's Play "The Game" (done editing, needs to be made next).

Now I got 2 more to finish and then I'll upload them, but I'll give more details on that. Well just say, you guys are going to get quite few games.

Monday, March 25, 2013

An BIG Update

         Well I have to say to my followers and watchers, sorry. Reason why I am sorry, is because I haven't done anything. Well that's true but not true.
          Reason why its true is; I haven't done anything to keep guys entertained. For that I got a little surprise, but after the reason.          Now the reason it is not true is; I am still getting footage for my Top 10 list. Trust me guys its hard, for me this is my first time doing a Top 10 list and getting footage for it. It takes time and I need the right footage, so the list will come.

          Now for my surprise, now for the people who have been seeing my blogs and videos since day 1, I thank-you. Now for the others who watch me I thank-you too, I wouldn't keep doing this if it wasn't for you guys.

          So my surprise for my watchers and followers I'm going to do 2 reviews for you guys, I'm going to do them this weekend and my friend MIGHT be in 1 or 2 reviews.
          And the 2 reviews are:
             1) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

             2) Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
          So get ready for me to play one of the crappiest games made for the NES. Reason why I'm playing these crappy games, is because I am punishing myself, with these horrible games. So hope you like get ready for them. My inspiration of doing these 2 games is because of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN).

          Simon's Quest (His First Video):
          Simon's Quest Revisited (Not the same as the first one):

          Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (His Second Video):          Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited (Not the same as the first one):

          And watching these videos, you'll see how bad they are, you'll see why I have to play these games, and you might give me some sympathy.

          So sorry guys for being lazy and still working on my Top 10 list. So hope you guys will get ready for my two new videos. Now just to clarify is: I am going to make the videos this weekend, so you might get it on Sunday. But expect it to be on YouTube on Monday. Remember I have 2, so 1 might be on Sunday and the other one might be on Monday. Or both could be on Sunday or Monday. 

          So there you go. There is an update of what is going on. I'll update you guys later this week, and keep en eye on updates of my list. Thanks for watching, reading, and following. And I'll talk you guys later.

Hey here is a video of the update: