Saturday, July 27, 2013

Check what I got in store for you guys!

Check this mod list I have installed  and ready to do some recording (when Icon12 and Bobman18 are together to do some recording):
This was taken on my desktop, thanks to the program 'Snipping Tool'.

Bobman18 has came up with a new segment called "Video Game Talk", just saying whats going on in the Video Game world, example: Controversies. Thew first two ideas for it are: "Violence and School" and "Games taking Sex/Nudity away from games". But Icon12 does not know about this yet. So it hasn't completely come together yet.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Well I am going to try Twitch for the first time, and you should come and join me!!!!

I am going to play System Shock 2 (SS2), so I am going to record it too, so if you miss it I'll put it on YouTube.

I'll post the link here, (so you can go to it):

Oh all of this is happening the date has changed again, this time I (Bobman18) has family coming over, I just found out yesterday. So I really do not know an exact date, and I do not mean to do this on purpose. 

The Date: ??/??/13
The Time: ??:??pm EST

FYI red words mean new changes!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hey everyone!!!!

So here is whats been going on 
with Icon12 and I.

Well I have been making videos, 
but I have became (same with
Icon12) lazy, so I am trying to
get out of it.

So here is the videos we have
done and that are made:

*Top 10 Xbox Fails
*Top 10 PS Fails
*Top 10 Nintendo Fails
*Let's Play "Marvel vs. Capcom and The House of the Dead 2"
*Trashing Video Games (A new segment)

Here is the new ideas:
*System Shock 2
*Doom 2 (Live on Twitch and record for YouTube)
*Review on NES games

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NaOVGiR2012: Videos are done! Audience: WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!?!?! NaOVGiR2012: Well.......

.......basically here it is!
The videos are done, and undone. The ones I was talking about earlier (early posts),
those videos are done!

Audience: Yay!!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: BUT!!!!
Audience: Awww!!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: Ok and let me explain and I'll talk about what else we......
Audience: GET ON WITH IT!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: Alright!!!

The videos that we got done and made are:
* Xbox Fails
* PlayStation Fails
* Nintendo Fails
* Trashing Video Games
* "Let's Play": Marvel vs. Capcom and The House of the Dead 2

These are great videos and you'll like them!!!

Now what we mean by "undone" is by this:
          Today (Sunday) Icon12 and I (Bobman18) made videos for E3!!!! Whooooo!!!!!!
so this is the list of what we did for it:
                * Xbox Conference (Mainly (95%) Bobman18)
                * PlayStation and Nintendo (Mainly (95%) Icon12)
                * List of games that caught our attention: Day 1 (from IGN)
                * List of games that caught our attention: Day 2 & 3 (from IGN)
                * Overall of E3 2013!!!!!
So now I have got to make these and it will take awhile.

Audience: So why won't you upload your other videos????
NaOVGiR2012: Well I will tell you why.....RIGHT NOW......

Here at my house the internet is VERY SLOW!!!!!! SO the other videos, were uploaded when I was taking a computer class (Intro for computers, and my teacher was relaxed, which was AWESOME). So I uploaded the videos from there. And right now the computer lab is CLOSED in the summer!

Audience: AWWWW!!!!!!!!

NaOVGiR2012: I know!!!! ANY WAYS!!!!
So for right now, Icon12 and Bobman18 (yep I used myself in the 3rd person) will make videos, until the Fall Semester will start!!

Bad News: You Guys & Gals will have to wait right now, sadly. But the wait, will be worth it!!!!

So will making some updates or if something changes. Until then...........
See ya!!!!!

P.S. Um, I might bring my laptop with me to my College and see if it will go faster (the uploading to YouTube and if I'll remember it, but I WILL REMEMBER IT). I'll post an update, to tell you if you it worked or not.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update: Where the heck are you (meaning Icon12 and I) guys?

           ***UPDATE LOOK AT THE          
                BOTTOM OF THIS POST***

Well sorry I haven't been doing anything recently. Just to let you know, I have made videos and recorded game footage. But the thing is, I haven't actually made them, meaning I haven't put all the footage together, and make it.

But I there is going to be 7 videos in the making and I do not know when, but they will come out SOON. Whenever this blog reaches 1,000 viewers; I will have a "1,000 viewer" video made. And I will make the videos, this coming Tuesday.

Now here is my situation at the moment. I am taking a Summer Class right now. Its on Monday and Wednesday, 9am-12:10pm. Now I just got job and I am going to start training this coming Wednesday. Its not going to be easy, but I'll find out a way to make it work.

Thank-you for ever is still being loyal to our blog and channel. You will be amazed at the videos being made. Hope you'll like it.

          I have made 3 out of the 5 videos. So I have been a few difficulties with my video maker. I am in the making of the last two, hope nothing goes wrong.
         When they are done. I am going have to find a place to upload it. Because at my house the uploading speed for YouTube is SLOW!!!! So I probably do it at my school. Keep an eye out on YouTube. 

***UPDATE 2***

        I have made another video. So that means 4 out of 5 I have gotten done. I have one more to do. Then they will be ready to be uploaded.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keeping updated with something new

Hey everyone just to let you know. 

I (me and Icon12) have made videos and they were recorded. But I have not edited them nor fully made them. They will be done, but after my nice summer vacation. I will get back home this Saturday. So fans you are going to have to wait a little longer. And I am looking for a job and might have one when I get back. That means: More time school and work (maybe) and less time for videos. BUT that does not mean: no videos every/every other week. Now I don't know Icon12's job situation. But we will probably lean more for every other week. Make it easier for Icon12 and I. 

Now the video game situation. We WERE doing: PC and 360. But now we are moving to: NES, Dreamcast, and Gamecube, Yeah yea!!!! So we are, going to start to collect games for those consoles. So thats why we are looking for jobs. But when we get the hang of having a job and school, we might get better and do more videos. But let's not get a head of ourselves. SO thats what is new and I'll keep you guys updated, thats whats new. I'll update when I get home. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Update

Hey Everyone!!!!

I just want to give a quick update!!!

This weekend Icon12 will not be available this weekend, and this weekend will be out second week. So I am going to make a couple videos, so you guys are not without our group of videos.

The videos I'm going to do is (all I am going to do):

Video Game Rants (founded on websites and in the order I putting it in):

  • Top 10: Bad Games That Made A Lot Of Money (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games You Never Played (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games That Shouldn't Even Exist (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games From LucasArts (Explosion)
  • Top 10: Game Endings (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Most Overrated Video Game Characters (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Violent Video Games in the Last Decade (Gameranx)
  • Top 10: WTF Moments in Gaming (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Worst Video Game Sequels (Game Rant)
  • Top 13: Gaming Trends that Disappeared This Generation (Game Rant)
  • Top 13: Holy S*** Gaming Moments of 2012 (Gameranx)
  • Top 14: Most Offensive Video Games Ever (Gameranx)
  • Top 15: Most Shocking Deaths in Video Games (Arcadesushi)
  • Top 25: Best Video Game Villains (Arcadesushi)

    Update (adding on, list from YouTube channel: WatchMojo):
  • Top 10: Video Game Sequels
  • Top 10: Video Games that Deserves a Reboot
  • Top 10: Overrated Video Game Franchises
  • Top 10: Overhyped Video Games
  • Top 10: WW II games
  • Top 10: PS Fails
  • Top 10: Nintendo Fails
  • Top 10: Xbox Fails (Raging it and this list is getting its own video) 

Yes I know it IS a big list, and I will break it up into about 4 parts. And I got another big list coming, but soon. On Part one of this list, I'll explain more on what is going and Icon12 and my plan in the coming weeks.

So I'll be recording this weekend and you know when to get it.

HEY GUYS, I'm competing in:
King of Nerds
: The People's Nerd
So you guys, VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The videos are FINALLY UPDATE!!!!!!

Well they are FINALLY on YouTube!!!! Well 3 out of the 4. Because on one of the videos that are not uploaded, I forgot to cut something after it was made. So that video will be uploaded today, or tomorrow. One of the two.

So here they are:


Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde:

Simon's Quest:

Let's Play White Night:

Let's Play "The Game":

Well hope you like the videos, if you do: Great. If you don't: well, to bad. It took me a while to make these videos, so hope these will keep you watching my channel, until my list will be made.

Well enjoy, had you guys are GREAT!!! KEEP watching and reading, my blog. 


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Update about videos.

Alright, what I got dun (yes I know it's "done") today. And none is on YouTube.

*I got an intro for all my videos
*Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (made)
*Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (made)
*(Giving a video away) Let's Play "The Game" (done editing, needs to be made next).

Now I got 2 more to finish and then I'll upload them, but I'll give more details on that. Well just say, you guys are going to get quite few games.

Monday, March 25, 2013

An BIG Update

         Well I have to say to my followers and watchers, sorry. Reason why I am sorry, is because I haven't done anything. Well that's true but not true.
          Reason why its true is; I haven't done anything to keep guys entertained. For that I got a little surprise, but after the reason.          Now the reason it is not true is; I am still getting footage for my Top 10 list. Trust me guys its hard, for me this is my first time doing a Top 10 list and getting footage for it. It takes time and I need the right footage, so the list will come.

          Now for my surprise, now for the people who have been seeing my blogs and videos since day 1, I thank-you. Now for the others who watch me I thank-you too, I wouldn't keep doing this if it wasn't for you guys.

          So my surprise for my watchers and followers I'm going to do 2 reviews for you guys, I'm going to do them this weekend and my friend MIGHT be in 1 or 2 reviews.
          And the 2 reviews are:
             1) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

             2) Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
          So get ready for me to play one of the crappiest games made for the NES. Reason why I'm playing these crappy games, is because I am punishing myself, with these horrible games. So hope you like get ready for them. My inspiration of doing these 2 games is because of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN).

          Simon's Quest (His First Video):
          Simon's Quest Revisited (Not the same as the first one):

          Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (His Second Video):          Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited (Not the same as the first one):

          And watching these videos, you'll see how bad they are, you'll see why I have to play these games, and you might give me some sympathy.

          So sorry guys for being lazy and still working on my Top 10 list. So hope you guys will get ready for my two new videos. Now just to clarify is: I am going to make the videos this weekend, so you might get it on Sunday. But expect it to be on YouTube on Monday. Remember I have 2, so 1 might be on Sunday and the other one might be on Monday. Or both could be on Sunday or Monday. 

          So there you go. There is an update of what is going on. I'll update you guys later this week, and keep en eye on updates of my list. Thanks for watching, reading, and following. And I'll talk you guys later.

Hey here is a video of the update: