Sunday, June 16, 2013

NaOVGiR2012: Videos are done! Audience: WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!?!?! NaOVGiR2012: Well.......

.......basically here it is!
The videos are done, and undone. The ones I was talking about earlier (early posts),
those videos are done!

Audience: Yay!!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: BUT!!!!
Audience: Awww!!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: Ok and let me explain and I'll talk about what else we......
Audience: GET ON WITH IT!!!!
NaOVGiR2012: Alright!!!

The videos that we got done and made are:
* Xbox Fails
* PlayStation Fails
* Nintendo Fails
* Trashing Video Games
* "Let's Play": Marvel vs. Capcom and The House of the Dead 2

These are great videos and you'll like them!!!

Now what we mean by "undone" is by this:
          Today (Sunday) Icon12 and I (Bobman18) made videos for E3!!!! Whooooo!!!!!!
so this is the list of what we did for it:
                * Xbox Conference (Mainly (95%) Bobman18)
                * PlayStation and Nintendo (Mainly (95%) Icon12)
                * List of games that caught our attention: Day 1 (from IGN)
                * List of games that caught our attention: Day 2 & 3 (from IGN)
                * Overall of E3 2013!!!!!
So now I have got to make these and it will take awhile.

Audience: So why won't you upload your other videos????
NaOVGiR2012: Well I will tell you why.....RIGHT NOW......

Here at my house the internet is VERY SLOW!!!!!! SO the other videos, were uploaded when I was taking a computer class (Intro for computers, and my teacher was relaxed, which was AWESOME). So I uploaded the videos from there. And right now the computer lab is CLOSED in the summer!

Audience: AWWWW!!!!!!!!

NaOVGiR2012: I know!!!! ANY WAYS!!!!
So for right now, Icon12 and Bobman18 (yep I used myself in the 3rd person) will make videos, until the Fall Semester will start!!

Bad News: You Guys & Gals will have to wait right now, sadly. But the wait, will be worth it!!!!

So will making some updates or if something changes. Until then...........
See ya!!!!!

P.S. Um, I might bring my laptop with me to my College and see if it will go faster (the uploading to YouTube and if I'll remember it, but I WILL REMEMBER IT). I'll post an update, to tell you if you it worked or not.

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