Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Update

Hey Everyone!!!!

I just want to give a quick update!!!

This weekend Icon12 will not be available this weekend, and this weekend will be out second week. So I am going to make a couple videos, so you guys are not without our group of videos.

The videos I'm going to do is (all I am going to do):

Video Game Rants (founded on websites and in the order I putting it in):

  • Top 10: Bad Games That Made A Lot Of Money (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games You Never Played (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games That Shouldn't Even Exist (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Games From LucasArts (Explosion)
  • Top 10: Game Endings (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Most Overrated Video Game Characters (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Violent Video Games in the Last Decade (Gameranx)
  • Top 10: WTF Moments in Gaming (Cheat Code Central)
  • Top 10: Worst Video Game Sequels (Game Rant)
  • Top 13: Gaming Trends that Disappeared This Generation (Game Rant)
  • Top 13: Holy S*** Gaming Moments of 2012 (Gameranx)
  • Top 14: Most Offensive Video Games Ever (Gameranx)
  • Top 15: Most Shocking Deaths in Video Games (Arcadesushi)
  • Top 25: Best Video Game Villains (Arcadesushi)

    Update (adding on, list from YouTube channel: WatchMojo):
  • Top 10: Video Game Sequels
  • Top 10: Video Games that Deserves a Reboot
  • Top 10: Overrated Video Game Franchises
  • Top 10: Overhyped Video Games
  • Top 10: WW II games
  • Top 10: PS Fails
  • Top 10: Nintendo Fails
  • Top 10: Xbox Fails (Raging it and this list is getting its own video) 

Yes I know it IS a big list, and I will break it up into about 4 parts. And I got another big list coming, but soon. On Part one of this list, I'll explain more on what is going and Icon12 and my plan in the coming weeks.

So I'll be recording this weekend and you know when to get it.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The videos are FINALLY UPDATE!!!!!!

Well they are FINALLY on YouTube!!!! Well 3 out of the 4. Because on one of the videos that are not uploaded, I forgot to cut something after it was made. So that video will be uploaded today, or tomorrow. One of the two.

So here they are:


Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3LRBnFHA_s

Simon's Quest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx7dANigVmQ

Let's Play White Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_KyMhxPeAM

Let's Play "The Game": 

Well hope you like the videos, if you do: Great. If you don't: well, to bad. It took me a while to make these videos, so hope these will keep you watching my channel, until my list will be made.

Well enjoy, had you guys are GREAT!!! KEEP watching and reading, my blog.