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Competition Page

Now I am creating a Competition Page. I am putting on the side of the blog a link. This link will be sending to the Competition Page. This shows the new tournaments coming, start, and more. You can get more information on that page. And when new tournament is starting, I'll put an announcement on the Main Blog (here). And you can click on the link  and see if you like it or not.

And I'm announcing that there is the First Tournament already post, so Check It Out! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Elementary School school shooting, nothing ever heard of.

A sad has happened today for, 20 Children for the Parents and 6 Adults for the kids and Husband or Wifes. I don't know how a person can kill Elementary Kids and Adults. For me, I don't understand the people who does this in our country. I bet the rest of kids are going to be home-schooled from now on. I don't how worse a shooting can get! I hate when people do this horrible crime. And it makes horrible, when someone does it at school where its hard to get out. But it makes matter worse, WHEN  ITS AT A ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am saddened by this tragic and horrible event. 

I want you take on this horrible event. Your comments, words for the families. And if you knew anybody from this would like to hear your voice in this.

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First Video from YouTube

Hey Guys I just made the first video for this blog.

You have to go to my YouTube Channel:

I have three playlist all three of them have my first video.

I made three playlists cause it says the name of that section.

*Competition/Tournaments playlist=all of the new /upcoming, what tournaments are happening, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place

*Events playlist=Is upcoming, new, updates of where I'm at.

*Video Blog playlist=The games I'm at, and what I'm talking about.

So hope all of this works out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just finished watching "Spike's: Video Game Awards". Tenacious D ended the awards with one of there new songs! YEAH!!!!!!!

There was really Two AWESOME winners I liked:

         *Character of the Year: Clap-Trap

         *Game of the Decade: Half-Life 2


*Note: Pics are not taken by me. Do not give me the credit for it!

"No Rest For The Wicked".......on Pandora?

YES! YES! YES! My 500 viewer special is on, Borderlands!

          Now for anyone who does not know Borderlands. Your CRAZY! Not really. Now Borderlands is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) game, where you have to pick your character, you follow orders and you set your adventure to find The Vault. In my opinion THE best RPG game ever made and it is my second favorite game. The storyline, the setting, the characters (you pick and meet), the enemies and badass/bosses, and the weapons is truly amazing.

          Now lets talk about The Setting. Now Borderlands is set on Pandora. And no I'm not talking about Pandora the jungle with the large blue walking monkeys. It is set on a future wasteland Earth. As you see in a lot of futuristic wasteland Earth setting in games and movies. Games: Rage, and Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Movies: "The Book of Eli" and "Terminator: Salvation". Both are good examples, but of course there are more used. And if you don't what I mean, it basically looks everything around you and the whole planet is all desert and everything wiped out, by a Nukeular bomb or something that takes out everything (good example "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"). But people still live on it, just its hard, and live in little houses using scrape metal and big pieces of junk to make it.`

          Now here is The Storyline: The game starts out with this guy talking about Pandora and it hosts The Vault. And it holds Alien Technology, Infinite Wealth, Fame, Power, and Woman (in a guys point of view). Then after that it talks about "The Vault Hunters", and it talks about "The Guardian Angel" to guide "The Vault Hunters" to The Vault. Then it turns into the intro to the characters. So basically the game is about one of the charters you pick is a "Vault Hunter" and you get "The Guardian Angel" and it guides you to Clap-Trap, which Clap-Trap guides you to Fyrestone where you start you main mission to The Vault. But while your way to The Vault, you get help, but you got to help them. And "The Guardian Angel" will be with you the whole way to The Vault. And whats in The Vault is truly amazing!

          The Characters are the next thing to talk about. Now with every game including RPG, you need a main character. Now in an RPG game you pick out the group you select one (like Dead Island) or you create your own. By making your own face and body (Saints Row 1-3, which some people say its not an RPG) or you select the body and you change and/or you make the face (Fallout 3-New Vegas and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1-2). Now Borderlands is where you pick a character out of a group. Now in Borderlands you have four characters to pick from and going in order from the intro from the game.

1)The first one is Mordecai is "The Hunter". He is good with Sniper Rife and Pistols. And his Action Skill is "Bloodwing" and it is a a pet bird that unleashes death to anyone you command it to. Now "The Hunter" is the most used in this game but 2nd most used.

2) Next is Lilith is "The Siren". She is good with SMGs and Elemental Weapons, which is guns that has incendiary (fire), shock, explosive, and corrosive. Her Action skill is "Phasewalk", and it basically makes you invisible for only a period of time, and she is used less then all four of the characters, she is number 4.

3) Now the character used the most is Roland is "The Soldier". He is good with Combat Rifles and Shotguns. His action skill is "The Scorpio Turret" and it kills people for a short amount of time, but can use Elements on it.

4)And the last one is Brick and he is "The Berserker". His used 3rd on the list and he is good with Explosives and Rocket Launchers. His action skill is "Berserker" which gives him some made punches for a limited time.

Now for the list of most used in Borderlands (from a lot of polls) 1) The Soldier, 2) The Hunter, 3) The Berserker, and 4) The Siren. But, I'll put my own poll and see if it matches this. And of course, you can change the name, you don't have to have the one that is given to you, and you get to change the color of your outfit.

          To make a game hard, and helps you level up are the enemies. Now there are 4 main enemies: Creatures, Bandits, Guardians, Crimson Lance. Now in the Creatures class there 5 types: Skags, Spiderants, Rakk, Scythids, and Crab Worms.
     Now there are 7 types of Skags and Skags are a hairless dog with 4 parts that the mouth opens: Skag Pup, Skag Whelp, Adult Skag, Spitter Skag, Elder Skag, Alpha Skag, and Elemental Alpha Skags.
     There are 6 types of Spiderants, is basically a big spider and walks a like a spider and has a big and thick shell: Spiderantling, Worker Spiderant, Gyro Spiderant, Soldier Spiderant, Queen Spiderant, and King Spiderant.
     There are 5 types of Rakk, is a big and huge moth that can harm you and could kill you.: Rakk, Feeder Rakk, Bloated Rakk, Defender Rakk, and Kamikaze Rakk.
     There are 7 types of Scythids and they basically a big slug that has claws and pincers: Scythid Crawler, Desert Scythid, Bursting Scythid, Giant Scythid, Badass Fire Crawler, Badass Shock Scythid, and Badass Poison Scythid.
     And to finish off the creatures are the Crab Worms, and there are only 1 type, and it is crap that digs underground: Larva Crab Worm.
The next group of enemies are the Bandits and they are humans with Masks and other stuff, and there are 2 types the Bandits and the Midgets.
     Now there are 5 types of Bandits: Bandit Thug, Bandit Raider, Bandit Killer, Psycho, and Bruisers.
     And there are 2 types of Midgets: Mutant Midget Psycho and Midget Shotgunner.
There are 5 types of Guardians, they are basically the big flying glass things (you see them at the end.
     Guardian Spectre, Guardian Wraith, Arch Guardian, Sera Guardian, and Principal Guardian.
And the last of enemies are the Crimson Lance, they are the human military force, and there are 4 types of them:
     Lance Infantry, Lance Defender, Lance Engineer, and Lance Royal Guard. Now all the enemies listed are from the regular game, DLC is not included.

          Now to continue the game and beat some of the missions, you got to beat some Bosses. And I'm going to talk about the main bosses and that does not include back-ups and/or people who fight on the Bosses side. First one I'm going to talk about is:

1) Nine-Toes:
          He is part of the bandit clan/faction. And he is the first one you face in the game. Now he is the first boss, but don't be scared of him. He is not that hard (just need to be at his level) and you'll be fine. Tip: Kill his two skags first before you deal with Nine-Toes. After you kill him, he has some nice weapons in his lair. And you get his "The Clipper".

2) Bone Head:
          He is the next one you face. Another one, part of the Bandit clan/faction. Now is a little tougher, then Nine-Toes. Even being at his level, he is tough. This guy is Sledge's right-hand man, but Bone Head is a main boss.  He has the "Bone Shredder" on him, so watch out, it can take you out pretty well, so have a good shield on you. #1 Tip: (Really good Snipers) There is a big rock you can Snipe him from, but I warn you that the "Bone Shredder" can hit you from there. #2 Tip: (Shotgunners) If you got a really good shotgun and/or have the T.K. Wave (keep that GUN!) equip both of those shotguns (carry alot of health) and start shooting him. He drops the "Bone Shredder".

3) Roid Rage Psycho:
          Now this guy, is a bandit. And its basically the Psycho, just bigger and tougher. And has alot of armor and hard to kill. This guy is before you get Sledge. He holds the key to Headstone Mine, where Sledge is hiding. So really got nothing with tips, just have a lot of health packs,  a good shield. And have Alot of shotgun shells and SMG. Cause you are going to need to Equip "T.K. Wave" and the "Bone Shredder". Thats all I got to say.

4) Sledge:
          This guy is the Bandit leader in the Arid Badlands! This guy is one Main Bosses, cause this guy is one of the "main challenges" that Angel talks about. This helps you move closer to The Vault. And after beating him opens Dahl Badlands. This guys is really, really, HARD! Ok he is really hard! He is a big shield and has a gun that can take you out, if you don't have a Tough Shield on you and not being at the same level as he is. BIG TIP: You need to have two rocket launchers a powerful one and corrosive, corrosive grenades, and (this only work if you are "The Soldier") use the turret, ALOT OF HEALTH!!!!!!!!! And here is the order you should do it. 1) (Soldier only)There is going to be two doors, open one door and keep the other closed (doesn't matter which one), and you'll understand why I say that), when you enter the room (after cutscene), quickly pull out your turret to block  him and go back into the hallway and let the turret do its thing (make sure to make it powerful). 2) Then throw your grenades, got through the opened door throw the grenade, then close that door, go to the other one and open that one and do it again, and repeat (this will confuse Sledge). After his shields are down (if your out of grenades close both doors and get more from the ammo machine). 3) Go out and shoot, shoot, and shoot him, with your rocket launchers, use the corrosive one first. You might need to do this a few time, I used this in the game and passing it on. So if you beat it in one time, you beat my record, it took me about 8 times. After you kill him, you get his Shotgun, which is a double-barrel shotgun, but instead of being side-by-side, its top-to-bottom, and its powerful (keep it for a while). And you get the first pieces of the Vault Key. And FYI  there is 4 pieces. So you have 1/4

          Alert: After you leave Arid Badlands, this is where more of the slowness leaves (if you have felt that). And when you enter Dahl Badlands, its where the fun really begins, but it goes fast though.  

5) Mad Mel:
          His is the leader of the bandits in Dahl Badlands. And his hard to kill, cause he is in his car, with his bandits. So you have to kill by driving. I recommend using the car with rockets. So the best way to do this, is to kill all of his bandits, cause they do not come back again, when you die, so kill of then before facing Mad Mel. Then when its time to kill Mad Mel, shoot! And if your car is destroyed (before you kill him), keep this in  mind, have a rocket launcher (corrosive would be the best) equipped before you enter the arena. After killing him opens to New Haven.

6) Krom:
          Oh boy Krom, is a tough one to kill. His gun is basically a powerful turret. So what you need to do is kill everyone around his fort. After you do that, you could two do things.
1) You can use Rocket Launcher, use corrosive, then go up and kill him with two of the Unique ones, T.K. Wave and/or Sledge's Shotgun.
2) Snipe Krom, using a powerful one or elemental fire or corrosive.
After you kill him you get his side arm called "Krom's Sidearm", which is a repeater pistol. And you get the second piece of the Vault key. So now you have 2/4 Vault key.

7) Jaynis Kobb:
          Him and his brother (Taylor) have always been trying to outwit each other. So after that Jaynis won and owns a town in Rust Commons East, and kicked his brother out, and Jaynis calls the town: Jaynistown. So you have to kill Jaynis first, because Taylor wants him dead. Then Patricia tells you to kill Taylor. After you kill Jaynis you get his Assault Rifle "The Meat Grinder". My advice take out his men with any kind of elemental gun that has fire.

8) Taylor Kobb:
          Now the reason you have to kill him is, because Patricia knows that Taylor's Claptrap can give you access to the "Trash Coast" where you get the last and final piece of the Vault Key. So he has a guided rocket launcher, two Bruisers, and two rocket turrets. So I use all the rocket launchers on the rocket turrets, first, then kill the Bruisers, then kill Taylor Kobb. Then get his claptrap, and take it so you can get access to the "Trash Coast".

9) Rakk Hive:
          So this is a big alien, that has four eyes (no pun intended) and has multiple holes that the Rakks come out of. And after you kill this monster you get 3rd, so you have 3/4 of the Vault Key. I don't have much help. If you are "The Soldier" use the turret every time its ready. Shoot rockets and snipe the holes, and watch out for the Rakks, thats all.

10) Baron Flynt:
         Baron is the last person, you fight/face thats part of the bandits. So he is leader of the bandits. and he is the holder of the final Vault piece for the key. So how to kill him is use alot of firepower. Mainly unique shotguns and corrosion, and run let you shield recharge and add health (if needed). And just keep shooting at him, until he dies. Grab the last piece of the Vault Key, and RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!

11) Master McCloud:
         He is the leader of the Crimson Lance faction. You have to stop, him and his group (after killing the other Crimson Lance guys). Whats hard about Master McCloud, he has got his Eridian Cannon. And it shoots out plasma energy balls. It goes slow, but it is very effective. So kill him by using any corrosion weapons and hopefully you have on the attachment (for "The Soldier" only), add corrosion to the turret. This will take him out pretty easily then regular and other elemental guns. So after killing, you get his gun. And after that, you head to The Vault. When you head to The Vault, run, do not try to shoot the guardians. THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, HARD TO KILL! So RUN!

12) When you get to The Vault just activate it with the key, and I won't tell you whats in there, but I have to say, you are going to be so rich, its SO COOL! And you get to play the game again, with whatever you find in The Vault. Its pretty awesome!

          NOTE: If anybody has played and beaten this game, don't spoil it for the people who hasn't played the game. And as you saw for alot of the bosses, I used corrosion. Thats just me, I used fire too. But those are tips I give, don't have to follow them. They are there if you want them. And I beat the game with "The Soldier", so it could be different with the others.

          Now for my last section of this AWESOME blog. I have to say I like how they did the graphics with this game. What I like about it is, that its not any regular game. Where it has CRAZY graphics, but its cool. It looks like a awesome graphic comic book, they way the did the outline for everything.
          And last thing too, this song has THE best Theme Song ever. If you do not know what it is its: "No Rest For The Wicked" by: Cage the Elephant, it totally kicks ASS! So I'm going to have 2 polls. One for who's your favorite character and "Do you think: "No Rest For The Wicked" by: Cage the Elephant, is the best theme song ever?" So hoped you enjoyed my 500 viewer special blog. I loved putting this one together, and thanks for everyone checking out my blog, and getting me at 500 viewers, this is pretty awesome, thanks guys!

1) Halo 2 part 2, is going to be hold off for a while and here is why. I had 3/4 they way done about 2 weeks ago, and by accented I deleted it. So last week I did a little, and I have two finals, in two weeks, so I get to get ready for them! So I have to hold off on it, sorry again. Even the guys I have been doing audio for this mod, they are giving me leave until I finish my finals, cause they don't need me yet to do the audio. Which leads me to this.

2) The mod I'm working for they need these type of people who can do this: Concept Artist, Mapping & Level Design, Modellers, Programmers, and Texture Artist. If you are this or you know somebody who knows and enjoys this, here is the link to join the team:
After you join and make your own user name, just go under "Public LD2027" and click "RECRUITMENT: Join Us!" and give all your information, and see if they'll let you join. But you have to be good-experienced to be part of any position you join, from what I have seen. So you want to follow this on Steam (if you have an account) here it is on on Greenlight: 

Don't have Steam? Well here it is on Mod DB:

3) I'll be taking a break, but I'll be doing more, during winter break, so don't worry to badly, I'll be back, about 2-3 weeks, got my finals next week too. After this gets posted, I'm check out, and taking my break.

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Thank-you everyone for getting me to 500 views
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Hey Everyone!


I have made a new YouTube channel just for this blog. My channel will contain this: Video Blogs and "Let's Play" one-offs. My other channel, I was doing that but not getting a lot of views. So I thought lets throw that channel away, and make a new one, that uses my blog. And the video blogs with consist of a big topic or if I just want to talk about a game, instead of writing it, I will. But I'll still do written blogs. So I just want to let everyone know. So this is going to be a big change. So all my focuses are My Blog and this Mod I'm helping out on. So just to let you know, I'm not doing anything after this blog and my 500 viewer blog special or until a couple more week. Cause next week is my finals, so need to get ready for those. Halo 2 part will be made, I'll start on it in couple weeks. If anybody does not know what happened to my Halo 2 part 2 incident. Check out "Quick Update", so yeah, we are at 497 views 3 more and we are 500 views!!!!!! So come everyone tell everyone!

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