Friday, December 14, 2012

Elementary School school shooting, nothing ever heard of.

A sad has happened today for, 20 Children for the Parents and 6 Adults for the kids and Husband or Wifes. I don't know how a person can kill Elementary Kids and Adults. For me, I don't understand the people who does this in our country. I bet the rest of kids are going to be home-schooled from now on. I don't how worse a shooting can get! I hate when people do this horrible crime. And it makes horrible, when someone does it at school where its hard to get out. But it makes matter worse, WHEN  ITS AT A ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am saddened by this tragic and horrible event. 

I want you take on this horrible event. Your comments, words for the families. And if you knew anybody from this would like to hear your voice in this.

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