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Competition Page

Now I am creating a Competition Page. I am putting on the side of the blog a link. This link will be sending to the Competition Page. This shows the new tournaments coming, start, and more. You can get more information on that page. And when new tournament is starting, I'll put an announcement on the Main Blog (here). And you can click on the link  and see if you like it or not.

And I'm announcing that there is the First Tournament already post, so Check It Out! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Elementary School school shooting, nothing ever heard of.

A sad has happened today for, 20 Children for the Parents and 6 Adults for the kids and Husband or Wifes. I don't know how a person can kill Elementary Kids and Adults. For me, I don't understand the people who does this in our country. I bet the rest of kids are going to be home-schooled from now on. I don't how worse a shooting can get! I hate when people do this horrible crime. And it makes horrible, when someone does it at school where its hard to get out. But it makes matter worse, WHEN  ITS AT A ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am saddened by this tragic and horrible event. 

I want you take on this horrible event. Your comments, words for the families. And if you knew anybody from this would like to hear your voice in this.

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First Video from YouTube

Hey Guys I just made the first video for this blog.

You have to go to my YouTube Channel:

I have three playlist all three of them have my first video.

I made three playlists cause it says the name of that section.

*Competition/Tournaments playlist=all of the new /upcoming, what tournaments are happening, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place

*Events playlist=Is upcoming, new, updates of where I'm at.

*Video Blog playlist=The games I'm at, and what I'm talking about.

So hope all of this works out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just finished watching "Spike's: Video Game Awards". Tenacious D ended the awards with one of there new songs! YEAH!!!!!!!

There was really Two AWESOME winners I liked:

         *Character of the Year: Clap-Trap

         *Game of the Decade: Half-Life 2


*Note: Pics are not taken by me. Do not give me the credit for it!

"No Rest For The Wicked".......on Pandora?

YES! YES! YES! My 500 viewer special is on, Borderlands!

          Now for anyone who does not know Borderlands. Your CRAZY! Not really. Now Borderlands is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) game, where you have to pick your character, you follow orders and you set your adventure to find The Vault. In my opinion THE best RPG game ever made and it is my second favorite game. The storyline, the setting, the characters (you pick and meet), the enemies and badass/bosses, and the weapons is truly amazing.

          Now lets talk about The Setting. Now Borderlands is set on Pandora. And no I'm not talking about Pandora the jungle with the large blue walking monkeys. It is set on a future wasteland Earth. As you see in a lot of futuristic wasteland Earth setting in games and movies. Games: Rage, and Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Movies: "The Book of Eli" and "Terminator: Salvation". Both are good examples, but of course there are more used. And if you don't what I mean, it basically looks everything around you and the whole planet is all desert and everything wiped out, by a Nukeular bomb or something that takes out everything (good example "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"). But people still live on it, just its hard, and live in little houses using scrape metal and big pieces of junk to make it.`

          Now here is The Storyline: The game starts out with this guy talking about Pandora and it hosts The Vault. And it holds Alien Technology, Infinite Wealth, Fame, Power, and Woman (in a guys point of view). Then after that it talks about "The Vault Hunters", and it talks about "The Guardian Angel" to guide "The Vault Hunters" to The Vault. Then it turns into the intro to the characters. So basically the game is about one of the charters you pick is a "Vault Hunter" and you get "The Guardian Angel" and it guides you to Clap-Trap, which Clap-Trap guides you to Fyrestone where you start you main mission to The Vault. But while your way to The Vault, you get help, but you got to help them. And "The Guardian Angel" will be with you the whole way to The Vault. And whats in The Vault is truly amazing!

          The Characters are the next thing to talk about. Now with every game including RPG, you need a main character. Now in an RPG game you pick out the group you select one (like Dead Island) or you create your own. By making your own face and body (Saints Row 1-3, which some people say its not an RPG) or you select the body and you change and/or you make the face (Fallout 3-New Vegas and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1-2). Now Borderlands is where you pick a character out of a group. Now in Borderlands you have four characters to pick from and going in order from the intro from the game.

1)The first one is Mordecai is "The Hunter". He is good with Sniper Rife and Pistols. And his Action Skill is "Bloodwing" and it is a a pet bird that unleashes death to anyone you command it to. Now "The Hunter" is the most used in this game but 2nd most used.

2) Next is Lilith is "The Siren". She is good with SMGs and Elemental Weapons, which is guns that has incendiary (fire), shock, explosive, and corrosive. Her Action skill is "Phasewalk", and it basically makes you invisible for only a period of time, and she is used less then all four of the characters, she is number 4.

3) Now the character used the most is Roland is "The Soldier". He is good with Combat Rifles and Shotguns. His action skill is "The Scorpio Turret" and it kills people for a short amount of time, but can use Elements on it.

4)And the last one is Brick and he is "The Berserker". His used 3rd on the list and he is good with Explosives and Rocket Launchers. His action skill is "Berserker" which gives him some made punches for a limited time.

Now for the list of most used in Borderlands (from a lot of polls) 1) The Soldier, 2) The Hunter, 3) The Berserker, and 4) The Siren. But, I'll put my own poll and see if it matches this. And of course, you can change the name, you don't have to have the one that is given to you, and you get to change the color of your outfit.

          To make a game hard, and helps you level up are the enemies. Now there are 4 main enemies: Creatures, Bandits, Guardians, Crimson Lance. Now in the Creatures class there 5 types: Skags, Spiderants, Rakk, Scythids, and Crab Worms.
     Now there are 7 types of Skags and Skags are a hairless dog with 4 parts that the mouth opens: Skag Pup, Skag Whelp, Adult Skag, Spitter Skag, Elder Skag, Alpha Skag, and Elemental Alpha Skags.
     There are 6 types of Spiderants, is basically a big spider and walks a like a spider and has a big and thick shell: Spiderantling, Worker Spiderant, Gyro Spiderant, Soldier Spiderant, Queen Spiderant, and King Spiderant.
     There are 5 types of Rakk, is a big and huge moth that can harm you and could kill you.: Rakk, Feeder Rakk, Bloated Rakk, Defender Rakk, and Kamikaze Rakk.
     There are 7 types of Scythids and they basically a big slug that has claws and pincers: Scythid Crawler, Desert Scythid, Bursting Scythid, Giant Scythid, Badass Fire Crawler, Badass Shock Scythid, and Badass Poison Scythid.
     And to finish off the creatures are the Crab Worms, and there are only 1 type, and it is crap that digs underground: Larva Crab Worm.
The next group of enemies are the Bandits and they are humans with Masks and other stuff, and there are 2 types the Bandits and the Midgets.
     Now there are 5 types of Bandits: Bandit Thug, Bandit Raider, Bandit Killer, Psycho, and Bruisers.
     And there are 2 types of Midgets: Mutant Midget Psycho and Midget Shotgunner.
There are 5 types of Guardians, they are basically the big flying glass things (you see them at the end.
     Guardian Spectre, Guardian Wraith, Arch Guardian, Sera Guardian, and Principal Guardian.
And the last of enemies are the Crimson Lance, they are the human military force, and there are 4 types of them:
     Lance Infantry, Lance Defender, Lance Engineer, and Lance Royal Guard. Now all the enemies listed are from the regular game, DLC is not included.

          Now to continue the game and beat some of the missions, you got to beat some Bosses. And I'm going to talk about the main bosses and that does not include back-ups and/or people who fight on the Bosses side. First one I'm going to talk about is:

1) Nine-Toes:
          He is part of the bandit clan/faction. And he is the first one you face in the game. Now he is the first boss, but don't be scared of him. He is not that hard (just need to be at his level) and you'll be fine. Tip: Kill his two skags first before you deal with Nine-Toes. After you kill him, he has some nice weapons in his lair. And you get his "The Clipper".

2) Bone Head:
          He is the next one you face. Another one, part of the Bandit clan/faction. Now is a little tougher, then Nine-Toes. Even being at his level, he is tough. This guy is Sledge's right-hand man, but Bone Head is a main boss.  He has the "Bone Shredder" on him, so watch out, it can take you out pretty well, so have a good shield on you. #1 Tip: (Really good Snipers) There is a big rock you can Snipe him from, but I warn you that the "Bone Shredder" can hit you from there. #2 Tip: (Shotgunners) If you got a really good shotgun and/or have the T.K. Wave (keep that GUN!) equip both of those shotguns (carry alot of health) and start shooting him. He drops the "Bone Shredder".

3) Roid Rage Psycho:
          Now this guy, is a bandit. And its basically the Psycho, just bigger and tougher. And has alot of armor and hard to kill. This guy is before you get Sledge. He holds the key to Headstone Mine, where Sledge is hiding. So really got nothing with tips, just have a lot of health packs,  a good shield. And have Alot of shotgun shells and SMG. Cause you are going to need to Equip "T.K. Wave" and the "Bone Shredder". Thats all I got to say.

4) Sledge:
          This guy is the Bandit leader in the Arid Badlands! This guy is one Main Bosses, cause this guy is one of the "main challenges" that Angel talks about. This helps you move closer to The Vault. And after beating him opens Dahl Badlands. This guys is really, really, HARD! Ok he is really hard! He is a big shield and has a gun that can take you out, if you don't have a Tough Shield on you and not being at the same level as he is. BIG TIP: You need to have two rocket launchers a powerful one and corrosive, corrosive grenades, and (this only work if you are "The Soldier") use the turret, ALOT OF HEALTH!!!!!!!!! And here is the order you should do it. 1) (Soldier only)There is going to be two doors, open one door and keep the other closed (doesn't matter which one), and you'll understand why I say that), when you enter the room (after cutscene), quickly pull out your turret to block  him and go back into the hallway and let the turret do its thing (make sure to make it powerful). 2) Then throw your grenades, got through the opened door throw the grenade, then close that door, go to the other one and open that one and do it again, and repeat (this will confuse Sledge). After his shields are down (if your out of grenades close both doors and get more from the ammo machine). 3) Go out and shoot, shoot, and shoot him, with your rocket launchers, use the corrosive one first. You might need to do this a few time, I used this in the game and passing it on. So if you beat it in one time, you beat my record, it took me about 8 times. After you kill him, you get his Shotgun, which is a double-barrel shotgun, but instead of being side-by-side, its top-to-bottom, and its powerful (keep it for a while). And you get the first pieces of the Vault Key. And FYI  there is 4 pieces. So you have 1/4

          Alert: After you leave Arid Badlands, this is where more of the slowness leaves (if you have felt that). And when you enter Dahl Badlands, its where the fun really begins, but it goes fast though.  

5) Mad Mel:
          His is the leader of the bandits in Dahl Badlands. And his hard to kill, cause he is in his car, with his bandits. So you have to kill by driving. I recommend using the car with rockets. So the best way to do this, is to kill all of his bandits, cause they do not come back again, when you die, so kill of then before facing Mad Mel. Then when its time to kill Mad Mel, shoot! And if your car is destroyed (before you kill him), keep this in  mind, have a rocket launcher (corrosive would be the best) equipped before you enter the arena. After killing him opens to New Haven.

6) Krom:
          Oh boy Krom, is a tough one to kill. His gun is basically a powerful turret. So what you need to do is kill everyone around his fort. After you do that, you could two do things.
1) You can use Rocket Launcher, use corrosive, then go up and kill him with two of the Unique ones, T.K. Wave and/or Sledge's Shotgun.
2) Snipe Krom, using a powerful one or elemental fire or corrosive.
After you kill him you get his side arm called "Krom's Sidearm", which is a repeater pistol. And you get the second piece of the Vault key. So now you have 2/4 Vault key.

7) Jaynis Kobb:
          Him and his brother (Taylor) have always been trying to outwit each other. So after that Jaynis won and owns a town in Rust Commons East, and kicked his brother out, and Jaynis calls the town: Jaynistown. So you have to kill Jaynis first, because Taylor wants him dead. Then Patricia tells you to kill Taylor. After you kill Jaynis you get his Assault Rifle "The Meat Grinder". My advice take out his men with any kind of elemental gun that has fire.

8) Taylor Kobb:
          Now the reason you have to kill him is, because Patricia knows that Taylor's Claptrap can give you access to the "Trash Coast" where you get the last and final piece of the Vault Key. So he has a guided rocket launcher, two Bruisers, and two rocket turrets. So I use all the rocket launchers on the rocket turrets, first, then kill the Bruisers, then kill Taylor Kobb. Then get his claptrap, and take it so you can get access to the "Trash Coast".

9) Rakk Hive:
          So this is a big alien, that has four eyes (no pun intended) and has multiple holes that the Rakks come out of. And after you kill this monster you get 3rd, so you have 3/4 of the Vault Key. I don't have much help. If you are "The Soldier" use the turret every time its ready. Shoot rockets and snipe the holes, and watch out for the Rakks, thats all.

10) Baron Flynt:
         Baron is the last person, you fight/face thats part of the bandits. So he is leader of the bandits. and he is the holder of the final Vault piece for the key. So how to kill him is use alot of firepower. Mainly unique shotguns and corrosion, and run let you shield recharge and add health (if needed). And just keep shooting at him, until he dies. Grab the last piece of the Vault Key, and RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!

11) Master McCloud:
         He is the leader of the Crimson Lance faction. You have to stop, him and his group (after killing the other Crimson Lance guys). Whats hard about Master McCloud, he has got his Eridian Cannon. And it shoots out plasma energy balls. It goes slow, but it is very effective. So kill him by using any corrosion weapons and hopefully you have on the attachment (for "The Soldier" only), add corrosion to the turret. This will take him out pretty easily then regular and other elemental guns. So after killing, you get his gun. And after that, you head to The Vault. When you head to The Vault, run, do not try to shoot the guardians. THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, HARD TO KILL! So RUN!

12) When you get to The Vault just activate it with the key, and I won't tell you whats in there, but I have to say, you are going to be so rich, its SO COOL! And you get to play the game again, with whatever you find in The Vault. Its pretty awesome!

          NOTE: If anybody has played and beaten this game, don't spoil it for the people who hasn't played the game. And as you saw for alot of the bosses, I used corrosion. Thats just me, I used fire too. But those are tips I give, don't have to follow them. They are there if you want them. And I beat the game with "The Soldier", so it could be different with the others.

          Now for my last section of this AWESOME blog. I have to say I like how they did the graphics with this game. What I like about it is, that its not any regular game. Where it has CRAZY graphics, but its cool. It looks like a awesome graphic comic book, they way the did the outline for everything.
          And last thing too, this song has THE best Theme Song ever. If you do not know what it is its: "No Rest For The Wicked" by: Cage the Elephant, it totally kicks ASS! So I'm going to have 2 polls. One for who's your favorite character and "Do you think: "No Rest For The Wicked" by: Cage the Elephant, is the best theme song ever?" So hoped you enjoyed my 500 viewer special blog. I loved putting this one together, and thanks for everyone checking out my blog, and getting me at 500 viewers, this is pretty awesome, thanks guys!

1) Halo 2 part 2, is going to be hold off for a while and here is why. I had 3/4 they way done about 2 weeks ago, and by accented I deleted it. So last week I did a little, and I have two finals, in two weeks, so I get to get ready for them! So I have to hold off on it, sorry again. Even the guys I have been doing audio for this mod, they are giving me leave until I finish my finals, cause they don't need me yet to do the audio. Which leads me to this.

2) The mod I'm working for they need these type of people who can do this: Concept Artist, Mapping & Level Design, Modellers, Programmers, and Texture Artist. If you are this or you know somebody who knows and enjoys this, here is the link to join the team:
After you join and make your own user name, just go under "Public LD2027" and click "RECRUITMENT: Join Us!" and give all your information, and see if they'll let you join. But you have to be good-experienced to be part of any position you join, from what I have seen. So you want to follow this on Steam (if you have an account) here it is on on Greenlight: 

Don't have Steam? Well here it is on Mod DB:

3) I'll be taking a break, but I'll be doing more, during winter break, so don't worry to badly, I'll be back, about 2-3 weeks, got my finals next week too. After this gets posted, I'm check out, and taking my break.

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2) Other pictures used from other sites, thank-you for any picture I used and its yous, thanks.

All pictures used by other people, if I don't say its mine in the paragraph and/or by the pictures, then its not mine.

Thank-you everyone for getting me to 500 views
Hoped you enjoyed this Special Blog




Hey Everyone!


I have made a new YouTube channel just for this blog. My channel will contain this: Video Blogs and "Let's Play" one-offs. My other channel, I was doing that but not getting a lot of views. So I thought lets throw that channel away, and make a new one, that uses my blog. And the video blogs with consist of a big topic or if I just want to talk about a game, instead of writing it, I will. But I'll still do written blogs. So I just want to let everyone know. So this is going to be a big change. So all my focuses are My Blog and this Mod I'm helping out on. So just to let you know, I'm not doing anything after this blog and my 500 viewer blog special or until a couple more week. Cause next week is my finals, so need to get ready for those. Halo 2 part will be made, I'll start on it in couple weeks. If anybody does not know what happened to my Halo 2 part 2 incident. Check out "Quick Update", so yeah, we are at 497 views 3 more and we are 500 views!!!!!! So come everyone tell everyone!

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Quick update!!!!!!

Hey everyone just to give a quick update, just saw the total viewers today, and it is at 406!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! On my 500th viewer, I'm going to do a 500th viewer special! So thank-you everyone for getting me this far! Now about the Halo series, now mostly all of you were expecting Halo:Reach-Halo 3: ODST, I have decided to NOT do Reach and ODST. And here are my reasons. 1) I have only played ODST the whole way and it was a long time ago. 2) I only played Reach about half way and I stopped, cause it was very confusing. 3 and 4) I am doing a blog about games, and I want to be real and serious on this. So I DO NOT want to screw up on a game and loose my viewers. So those are my reasons why, if you don't like it, then leave then don't care. But I hope all of you are loyal to me and my blog, and hope you are understanding about this. Now other then that HALO 2 PART 2, is coming very soon! This one is taking me some time to getting it right. I have been on and off on this post, school has been on me pretty hard. But I might be able to finish it and post this weekend if not, the defiantly next weekend for sure. Hope I'm not keeping everyone on the edges of there seats. So after Halo 2 part 2, then there will be Halo 3, haven't decided to go one post or a 2 parter. This past weekend I got all of the Call of Duty: MW (Modern Warfare) games 1-3. Played and beaten them all, so after the Halo series, I will do the MW series next! And a BIG FYI, if I get the 500 viewer and I'm still on Halo 3, I'm on a MW game, or in between Halo 3 and MW or MW 1, 2,or 3 games. Then I'll stop and post my 500th viewer special. So there you go, and I'm going to do a recap just in case, is some people got lost.

RECAP (in order, mostly):

1) Got over 400 views today, 94 viewers to go!

2) I am not doing Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST!

3) Halo 2 part 2 is coming very soon!

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is my next one to do

5) Got my 500th viewer special planed, and it might or might not cut through

There you go! And thank-you everyone for checking my blog out and/or following me by email.


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Halo 2 Part 1

          Yes yes I know, it has been a while since I've done a post. While I'm here and let's get started. But before I do I just want to let you know what is going on. While I'm doing these posts, I'm also doing music for a mod that these people are making, and I'm still doing "Let's play Amnesia". And here is basically my schedule, one week I'll be doing music for her for them, and then the other week I'll get a post ready. So I'll give myself two weeks to get a post ready, and it's really two weeks you have to wait until the next post. I know that I set the start I'll be doing it each week, but now I got school, this mod, and my blog. Now don't worry I'm not going to drift off my blog, I'll keep doing it don't worry about that I'll still do it, its just the matter of waiting.


          Now the moment you've been waiting for, HALO 2 part 1! Sorry for splitting this up but Halo 2 is the one of longest Halo games so got to, but it . Now in my opinion, I think Halo 2 is the best out of the whole Halo series. The whole plot line, is awesome, the new weapons and the environments so much better than the first one. And what made it the best, is switching back and forth with Master Chief and the Arbiter. Let's talk about the levels and the game.

          In Halo 2 there are 15 levels but there are are only 14 levels to play, and you will understand why there are only 14 levels. The first level is a non-playing level (cutscene), in what is shown is the Covenant Holy City, High Charity. Ninth Age of Reclamation. The quote or mission debrief  they have for this level (as shown on the level selection) "For failer such as this, no punishment is too great." And Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee  or as we know him as The Arbiter is taken to the Covenant Holy City, was taken to the Counselors Chamber, and was put in front of "The Prophet of Regret, Mercy, Truth, and Objection". The reason The Arbiter was taken to court because he failed to protect the Halo (from Halo: Combat Evolved). Now what's so cool about this cut scene, because it is important of what is can be in the future (in the game). The other thing too is, it shows the enemy side (Covenant) and they say the good side (Marines) is bad in their point of view. For example The Prophet of Truth says "You are right to focus your attention on the Flood. But this Demon, this Master Chief." I mean that shows right there to hatred of the Marines and the Chief himself. Now after The Arbiter arguing with The Prophets, The Arbiter trying to convince The Prophets to get a second chance and to continue his campaign against humans, but The Prophets will not let him.

         "The Armory" is the second level, the quote or mission debrief for this level is "Suit up, prepare for battle.", and starts out on the Cairo Station where the Master Chief is. It starts out in some kind of armory, it's really where they test new armor. And that's why you're in that restrictor belt, because Master Gunnery Sargent or as Master Guns is testing Master Chief's new armor, and this is where you figure out the controls and understand how your armor works (with your health). After you pick regular or inverted control, and after you see what your new armor works. Sgt. Johnson comes in, takes you to the shuttle, that shows you around the Cairo Station, and Sgt. Johnson talks about how heavily armed the Cairo Station it is. After you hit the end of the track people are waiting for your presence and here's the next cut scene that's very important.


                       The third level of Halo 2 is the "Cairo Station", the quote or mission debrief for this level is "Defend the station's MAC gun, from the Covenant's boarders.", and this level is one my favorite on this game. Now this level starts out with the cut scene in two different places at the Cairo Station the Bridge and High Charity. It starts out with the Chief and Johnson getting out of the shuttle and walking to the Bridge. Then it goes to High Charity where The Arbiter is escorted to the ledge on High Charity, by Tartarus (leader of the Brutes) and two Jiralhanae (Brutes). And what I'm next, is on not going back and forth I'm going to stay on what happens to The Arbiter, and then change back to where Johnson and the Chief is. Now back to what happens to The Arbiter, after The Arbiter is taken to the ledge, he is handcuffed with his arms in the air, Tartarus and The Arbiter talk, and after he is handcuffed then there were two electric beams going down on his arms then he shrieks in pain. Then after the beams burnt The Arbiter's armor, Tartarus ordered the two Brutes to strip off The Arbiter's armor. And the last thing that happens to The Arbiter is, Tartarus takes out a big stick with a big hot spot where he brands Arbiter's bare skin and no pain could be greater then this in my opinion. Being stripped and brand just because he has failed the Covenant and The Prophets.

          Now lets switching back to where Sgt. Johnson and Master Chief are. Now being introduced are two new characters Lord Hood and Miranda Keyes (Capt. Keyes's (Halo: Combat Evolved) daughter), and coming back is Cortana. The reason Johnson, Chief, and Maranda is doing on the bridge because they are receiving medals of their duty (talking about a Halo: Combat Evolved) from Lord Hood, except Maranda is receiving a medal for her dad (because Capt. Keyes cannot get it because he is dead). And while Johnson, Chief, and Maranda are receiving their medals, Cortana has found out that the Covenant are about to attack on the Cairo station. So after they figure out that they are going to be attacked they get ready and suit up.

          So now this is were the game actually starts were you can play. This is where they bring in two new guns the SMG and the Battle Rifle and whats cool is you can double-wield SMG. Now after you gear up you get ready to fight the Covenant for the first time (in this game). Now your mission right now is to help the Marines kill off the Covenant. After you fight off the Covenant, you hit the first hanger. And you see the Covenant's Boarding Craft that's connected through the window. After you fight them for a while the Covenant stop going to the connection to their boarding craft and to the Cairo Station. And you hear from the Malta Defense Coordinator that the Covenant was leaving Malta and the boarders. After that the Malta Station just blows up. Then you take what's left of the Spartans and take them to the next hanger, where the same thing happens to you from the first hanger. Now this time the Covenant leaves the Athens Station and that station blows up. Now Cortana figures out that the Covenant placed a bomb on the Cairo station. so you are ordered by Lord Hood to find it. So now we had to is go through the Cairo Station and when you see a Marines you supposed to help them support them by any means necessary. And after you walk in and out of space, after the third or fourth airlock. You hit the room where the bomb was but it's guarded by a few grunts and a few elites, but it's no biggie really if you if you really creative. After you kill everyone in the room, you ask Lord Hood to "give back the Covenant's bomb", which he gives you permission to, and you do.

         Mission four is called the "Outskirts" and the quote or mission debrief is "Rally scatted Marines, clear hostiles contacts from the old-city". As the level starts out Master Chief and three groups in the Pelicans, one group in each Pelican, and four groups of Warthogs, three people in one Warthog. And you are flying through Old Mombasa, Kenya and while your flying, you get shot down by a Scarab, and now your on the ground ready to fight. Where you start the level, you start in a building, and then you walk down into the courtyard. After you do that, when the Elites and the Grunts see you, well they start attacking you, and you start attacking them. After you finish the first wave, the second wave has the Jackals and Elites, the third wave group of Drones (the green bugs that flies), fourth wave has Grunts, Elites, and Jackels, the fifth wave that is the same as fourth, and sixth and final wave has a pair of Hunters. My advice for the Hunters is to take the turret and just SHOOT! 

          After you kill the two Hunters, you walk around a little bit, then you see a little jackals and of course you kill them, but then hit the area out which some people call "sniper alley", because the whole group Jackals have their own sniper rifle and you go down basically ally. So that's what I call it, if you haven't heard of it, well now you do. After you get through there while you see the destroyed buildings and apartments. The next major building you hit is the "Hotel Zanzibar", and after you go through the hotel you go to this wide open area or an wide open courtyard, this is where you get the Warthog for the first time (on this game as always). And go through the island or the shore of a beach. After you will fight off the island or shore the beach, then you hit this tunnel you fight for a little bit on your Warthog or Ghost , and then you hit........

          The fifth level is called "Metropolis" and the quote or mission debrief is "Take the bridge, break the Covenant's grip on the city-center". It starts out with Sgt. Johnson giving you (Master Chief) and a couple other Marines orders on how to take down the Covenant's Scarab. So after the cut scene when you start the level you are given a Scorpion (the tank). So now you are rolling across the bridge, shooting the Ghosts and Banshees down, and then when you get across the bridge you have to shoot the two Ghosts and Banshees (at the end of the bridge). Then we get the end of the bridge, you hit tunnel while you go through the tunnel see your friends the Marines, and you get out your tank you help your friends. After you fight with your Marines through the tunnel, then you'll go up this and you hit this open land, and Warthog comes up (went to go down the hill) with a Gross canon (which you take the spot).

          Now when you get on the Warthog you travel through the grassland and outside of the city. Now there is a part you hit where, there is one Wrath and a few Ghosts, and after you destroyed the enemy vehicles (or you take when the ghosts like I do sometimes) you go through a tunnel did you hit the big city or the Metropolis. So now you fight your way through the city on foot, Ghost, or a Warthog. and after you fight your way through the city need to go up some stairs and then now you get to get on the Scarab. So once you get on the Scarab you can kill all the covenants is on there and then the level ends. And now you're the eyes and ears of Covenant side, and you play as The Arbiter.


        The sixth level is called "Arbiter" and the quote or mission debrief is "Infiltrate a Forerunner facility, quell the heresy within". So the level starts out with The Arbiter with a group of Elites and a couple Grunts. This is the first time you can play as a Covenant and use the Energy Sword, Covenant Combine, Sentinel Beam, and the Fuel Rod Gun. Your mission is simple, yet infiltrate a Forerunner Gas Mine, and kill the Heretic Leader. you start out with an Energy Sword and Energy Rifle. While being The Arbiter instead of having a flashlight he could be invisible for about 5-10 seconds. For this level there is really not much to talk about, you basically had to go through the Gas Mine Facility, trying to find the Heretic Leader, going through the facility yet to kill the Heretics (the ones that kind of look like Elites), and is the first time to that the Sentinels (the floating little robots, that should the beams) is on your side. After you are chasing the Heretic Leader, you have to chase him with a Banshee (which is the first time you can fly it), while your are trying to chase down the Heretic Leader, and you also have to escort the Phantom.

          The seventh level is called "The Oracle" and the quote or debrief is "Kill the Heretic Leader. the Prophets' will be done." This will be the last level and/or mission for this part 1, and level 8-14 will be on part 2. Now back to The Oracle, you are The Arbiter again. And your objective is to kill the Heretic Leader and leave Forerunner Gas Mine. When you start the level you see a hologram from the Heretic Leader saying that he was surprised that the Prophets sent The Arbiter, and that's basically it. But after that hologram the Flood comes in and this is the first time you see them (in the game of course). So after you fight the first wave of the Flood, he hit the first elevator, and in the elevator to kill you is the Sentinels and the Flood. After you get out the elevator you basically fight your way through with the Flood and the Heretics, when you hit this big room, you meet the Heretic Leader, he gets into his elevator and locks it (so you can get into it to), and so he took the three main lines to stop Heretic Leader's elevator. So after you do that when you meet the 
Heretic Leader, you meet 343 Guilty Spark a.k.a. The Oracle, The Arbiter figures out the Heretic Leader has been lied to by The Oracle. Now you kill the Heretic Leader and his two "guards", you're about to leave with The Oracle, then there's a Brute that comes into play, and takes you (The Arbiter) and The Oracle.


          So there you go, they are covered levels 1-7 for part 1. Now get excited for this part 2. Hope you enjoyed this part, and I apologize for splitting these in two. I just wanted to get something about Halo 2 out I know a lot of people were waiting for this, so this was a route I had to do. Hope you enjoy this and lets your comments. And I'm going to give you links to my Twitter page, YouTube page, and my Facebook page. And as always thank-you for the photos and videos on YouTube. And thanks Halo Nation for the levels and more, so I can use to help myself.



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Sorry for being behind

Hey video gamers and fans of my Blog. I'm sorry but Halo 2 will not be until next week, I hope. The reason why because I have been having a couple quizes, this past week. And this coming week I have another quiz and I have an audition for a play at my college. So sorry for being busy, hoping I can get Halo 2 ready for this coming Sunday or next Monday. Halo 2 post is going to be BIG! And I do request something, please leave comments, I would love to see your comments and question, I would love to see them and answer them. Thanks!

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Halo: Combat Evolved

          All right welcome to part one of the Halo series. The first one going to start on is Halo: Combat Evolved.for this one and for the rest of the Halo games I am going to talk about the storyline, the music, the graphics, and the characters.

          When you open the game up and when you see the title screen, I thought it was one of the coolest title screens ever seen and ever made. when you see the big circle as like a round small version of Earth it astounds you when you see the bottom and it's all like a ship unbelievable. A sort of big huge tire without the thing holding the rim in the inside looking like Earth and outside like a big circle ship. And in the intro music that you come in so amazing it's almost breath taking you want say, but we will get to the music. Now let's move on to plot line/storyline. When you start the game (excluding the loading screen) start up with this ship huge called "The Pillar of Autumn", and the people that are talking are Captain Keys and and the hologram called the Cortana. And talking about how they've out ran the covenant but you figure out that they beat you to the punch. So the whole ship goes on combat alert getting all the soldiers ready. And getting "an old friend a warm welcome" said by Captain Keys. the screen will then to basically where all the Scorpions (tanks) and  the Warthogs (a open two-seater car with the Gunner spot) and this is where you meet Sgt. Johnson.


          Now they move into a sort of "medical room" where you see these Cryo tubes all of them are empty except for one man's thaw out to get ready for the "old friend". This is were basically the game starts the character called Master Chief. When you wake up there's a guy that tells you what's going on, you to go through a tutorial, learn about up or down or inverted, and get to learn about how and how your shield works, you are about to go to weapons detail but then you had to go to the bridge to meet Capt. Keyes. Then basically you had to get to the escape pods and you get the pistol and the assault rifle. but before you head to the bridge it to do some exploring around ship. You have to follow the person that took you through the tutorials. You would have a buddy by you, but he gets killed. So you have to find the bridge by yourself, but on the way to the bridge their Marines are always there to help me out when things were tough (when the Grunts and the Elites were there). So basically when you get to the bridge you meet Capt. Keyes you get your pistol first and then you go to the next room when you get your assault rifle. And your mission is to get into the escape pods and get off "The Pillar of Autumn". but when you go through the ship getting attacked by the covenant seeing it when it was made was amazingly awesome and it was freaking cool him and you can beat someone up, pistol whipped him, you can take the aliens gun we can have basically a human gun and a alien gun at the same time. And I like how they give you the human grenade in the alien grenade.

          Now the next level you enter or start is called "Halo". Now this starts out when you land there in your some kind of escape pod. Now when you wake up from the wreck of your escape pod, you are on basically Circle Earth or the real name Installation 04 like I said from the start. When you wake up, you wake up and the escape pod. Then when you walk out of the atmosphere was unbelievable and mind blowing when I first saw it. If you see it's and think about it for a second, it looks like a futuristic New England and the Northwest states.

Because you know there's a lot of cliffs, trees, and open land. Now in this mission you see Banshee for the first time, and this mission you are trying to avoid the Covenant and trying to find the other Marines scattered in the area. The first group you find you to help them and trying to kill all the covenant in that little sector or area you are in. After that the Evac Dropships comes in to pick up/drop off Marines and gives you the Warthog. And now the next thing you do is to take the two Marines you are with on the Warthog. And you have to find three other Marine groups.on your way to finding the other Marines. One of the cool things that you do when you're on the Warthog. You go in this cave and when you go through the cave you find this "secret spot" for the Covenant. You to turn on the electrical bridge. And the environments is so cool causes mainly all technology in there it is so cool. Cause it's the aliens and in the future, so it's kind of showing aliens taken over technology which is pretty bizarre but cool the same time if you ask me.

          Now the next level you begin is basically you're on the same place you started on the level "Halo" and this level is called "The Truth and Reconciliation". Now when you start the level you're on one of the Pelicans and it is at nighttime and when you get off me know your walk and do all that stuff. And the guns you start out with is the sniper rifle and the assault rifle. One of the reasons why you start out with a sniper rifle is because when you hit this hill you to do a bit of "silent" sniping, more of being stealthy. And with that sniper rifle you get a night vision so it's easier to see the enemy at night, because you are in the dark. After you snipe or unless they find you you go on the ground use you assault rifle to kill the Covenants.

          Then basically what you're doing on this part is you are going through this plateau to find the ship "The Truth and Reconciliation" and that is where Capt. Keyes is being held prisoner. When you get to the Grav lift you have to kill you know the Grunts, Elites, Jackals, and this is where you see the Hunters for the first time. Tip: the easiest way to kill a Hunter when you're not by a chain gun. Is to have a Plasma Rifle or an Assault Rifle (this the way how I kill them you do not have to follow this if you want to) and what you do is to try to get there back, on their back between their two big heavy shields, they have a little orange color soft muscle or tissue, that really takes a life down and keep shooting at it will take a lot of their health down and even eventually it will kill them. After you kill them (the Hunters), you and the group Marines that are with you take the Grav Lift to the ship. Now what you are going to do is, to find Capt. Keyes. Doug basically what you're doing in the ship like you said playing Capt. but if you think about is what you expect with the ship look like. It's really purple and not too much dark colors. because the colors and the ship is basically the same colors on the guns, ships, and vehicles. And so there's not really much to talk about really on the ship because you really are just, killing the covenant that's all you doing, really nothing too big in there. And after you get the captain you escape.

           Now the next mission you do is called "The Silent Cartographer". And you start again on one of the Pelicans. And you are flying over a island and land on a beach, that's basically where you start the mission. Now what your mission is to find the Silent Cartographer, and it is hiding under the island. And what you have to do, is to find the control room and find it, and find the map room that holds the Halo installation. And at the start you get a Warthog and you get two Marines to go with you (well he had to walk a little then you get but it is close to the start).

          And when you get to with the control room is it becomes locked, so now you have to go basically to the other side of the island to go to unlock the control room, and then go back. and you go into the control room and you find a blueprint of the Halo. This not much to talk about on this level, sometimes there will be a big level and sometimes that won't. This one as you can see not much. And right now I'm going to mix the the next mission with this one because I do not feel "Assaults on the Control Room" mission is big so I'm going to mix these two together because it's basically almost thing. Now "Assaults on the Control Room" is basically a race between the Covenant and the Marines to get to the Halo control room. And the environment is more snowy and has a lot of battles, and this is where you see the Scorpion for the first time (excluding the video scene on "The Pillar of Autumn") and you get to use it. And when you get into the control room this is where the Flood comes in and Capt. Keyes is trying to find a weapon stash and unknown to him holds the parasites (the Flood) and you've got to go look for Capt. Keyes.

          The next mission that you encounter is called "343 Guilty Spark", and this takes place in Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility. Now part one of this mission takes place in a swamp. The Pelican you ride in will sit to the whole game called Echo 419 drops you in the swamp outside of the Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility, because you are looking for Capt. Keyes because he is been out of contact for while. Part two is basically being in Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility, so you fight the flood and you try to look for Capt. Keayes. So when you get into the facility this is where you encounter the Flood for the first time. You know how the Flood is, if you don't they are creepy, little, ugly, parasite bugs. The easiest way to kill them is to have the Pistol or Assault Rifle and Shotgun. And here is another tip: 1) Use the Pistol and Shotgun. 2) Watch out for the little bugs, because they can bring back the Flood monster. 3) The only reason I tell you to use an assault rifle because, there is one monster that spills out the little bus. So those are a few tips you should follow. And while You go through the facility you will encounter the Covenant too, so don't forget them. Sadly we get to the facility and you find Capt. Keyes. men who accompanied him.

          You find Capt. Keyes men killed by the Flood. When I saw that it was a sad moment in this game, even how they died it was horrible. This game shows emotion happy and sad, which you have never seen in any kind of rated M shooter game. After you see what happens to Capt. Keyes men, and when you are trying to head out of the facility with the Marines, you meet a person that might be on your side. This is where you meet 343 Guilty Spark a.k.a. the Oracle. Now I'm going to put mission "The Library" with this one mission, because there's not much to talk about the library really. Mainly your mission is the Oracle teleports you to the Installation 04 Library, and have to face the flood about four times before you can reach the Activation Index or the Sacred Icon.

          The next mission that you do is called "Two Betrayals", and where it is set same place where "Assaults on the Control Room" was taken. But you are going the opposite direction over your going from "Assaults on the Control Room". Your mission is to destroy the three Phase Pulse Generator which is the main power for Halo's main weapon. And in this mission you steal Activation Index, because the Activation Index helps activate Halo. And Cortana explains to the Master Chief what will happen Halo was activated. Basically human life will be wiped out. And this is where the Master Chief turns against the Oracle and while the Chief is trying to destroy Phase Pulse Generator, there is a "price" for the Chief's head. and after you finished destroying the last Phase Pulse Generator, teleports you to the "The Truth and Reconciliation".

          Now you return to "The Truth and Reconciliation" to find and rescue Capt. Keyes. On the ship you fight, feeling like you fighting a endless swarm of the Flood and the Covenant. After you do all that you find a sad moment in this game. A SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see that Capt. Keyes has been taken over by the Flood.

This was another sad moments in this game, just like how Capt. Keyes men died,it was the same emotion. Now here is the last mission in Halo: Combat Evolved it is called "The Maw". This takes place of the wreak in of "The Pillar of Autumn". On this level you have no one just like the last two levels, it's just you and Cortana. this level you have to detonate the ship's reactor to destroy Halo, the Flood, the Covenants huge army, and stopping the end of humanity.

           I hope you enjoy this post, Halo 2 will be worked on this week suck and get it done by Sunday.  If it won't be done by Sunday, then it will be done next Monday. Each level a lot of it was my own words, but I went online to help give me a basic plot of each level. So here is the link so to show you I am showing you where I got the help and the push:

Like I said hope you enjoy it and get ready for Halo 2