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Halo: Combat Evolved

          All right welcome to part one of the Halo series. The first one going to start on is Halo: Combat Evolved.for this one and for the rest of the Halo games I am going to talk about the storyline, the music, the graphics, and the characters.

          When you open the game up and when you see the title screen, I thought it was one of the coolest title screens ever seen and ever made. when you see the big circle as like a round small version of Earth it astounds you when you see the bottom and it's all like a ship unbelievable. A sort of big huge tire without the thing holding the rim in the inside looking like Earth and outside like a big circle ship. And in the intro music that you come in so amazing it's almost breath taking you want say, but we will get to the music. Now let's move on to plot line/storyline. When you start the game (excluding the loading screen) start up with this ship huge called "The Pillar of Autumn", and the people that are talking are Captain Keys and and the hologram called the Cortana. And talking about how they've out ran the covenant but you figure out that they beat you to the punch. So the whole ship goes on combat alert getting all the soldiers ready. And getting "an old friend a warm welcome" said by Captain Keys. the screen will then to basically where all the Scorpions (tanks) and  the Warthogs (a open two-seater car with the Gunner spot) and this is where you meet Sgt. Johnson.


          Now they move into a sort of "medical room" where you see these Cryo tubes all of them are empty except for one man's thaw out to get ready for the "old friend". This is were basically the game starts the character called Master Chief. When you wake up there's a guy that tells you what's going on, you to go through a tutorial, learn about up or down or inverted, and get to learn about how and how your shield works, you are about to go to weapons detail but then you had to go to the bridge to meet Capt. Keyes. Then basically you had to get to the escape pods and you get the pistol and the assault rifle. but before you head to the bridge it to do some exploring around ship. You have to follow the person that took you through the tutorials. You would have a buddy by you, but he gets killed. So you have to find the bridge by yourself, but on the way to the bridge their Marines are always there to help me out when things were tough (when the Grunts and the Elites were there). So basically when you get to the bridge you meet Capt. Keyes you get your pistol first and then you go to the next room when you get your assault rifle. And your mission is to get into the escape pods and get off "The Pillar of Autumn". but when you go through the ship getting attacked by the covenant seeing it when it was made was amazingly awesome and it was freaking cool him and you can beat someone up, pistol whipped him, you can take the aliens gun we can have basically a human gun and a alien gun at the same time. And I like how they give you the human grenade in the alien grenade.

          Now the next level you enter or start is called "Halo". Now this starts out when you land there in your some kind of escape pod. Now when you wake up from the wreck of your escape pod, you are on basically Circle Earth or the real name Installation 04 like I said from the start. When you wake up, you wake up and the escape pod. Then when you walk out of the atmosphere was unbelievable and mind blowing when I first saw it. If you see it's and think about it for a second, it looks like a futuristic New England and the Northwest states.

Because you know there's a lot of cliffs, trees, and open land. Now in this mission you see Banshee for the first time, and this mission you are trying to avoid the Covenant and trying to find the other Marines scattered in the area. The first group you find you to help them and trying to kill all the covenant in that little sector or area you are in. After that the Evac Dropships comes in to pick up/drop off Marines and gives you the Warthog. And now the next thing you do is to take the two Marines you are with on the Warthog. And you have to find three other Marine groups.on your way to finding the other Marines. One of the cool things that you do when you're on the Warthog. You go in this cave and when you go through the cave you find this "secret spot" for the Covenant. You to turn on the electrical bridge. And the environments is so cool causes mainly all technology in there it is so cool. Cause it's the aliens and in the future, so it's kind of showing aliens taken over technology which is pretty bizarre but cool the same time if you ask me.

          Now the next level you begin is basically you're on the same place you started on the level "Halo" and this level is called "The Truth and Reconciliation". Now when you start the level you're on one of the Pelicans and it is at nighttime and when you get off me know your walk and do all that stuff. And the guns you start out with is the sniper rifle and the assault rifle. One of the reasons why you start out with a sniper rifle is because when you hit this hill you to do a bit of "silent" sniping, more of being stealthy. And with that sniper rifle you get a night vision so it's easier to see the enemy at night, because you are in the dark. After you snipe or unless they find you you go on the ground use you assault rifle to kill the Covenants.

          Then basically what you're doing on this part is you are going through this plateau to find the ship "The Truth and Reconciliation" and that is where Capt. Keyes is being held prisoner. When you get to the Grav lift you have to kill you know the Grunts, Elites, Jackals, and this is where you see the Hunters for the first time. Tip: the easiest way to kill a Hunter when you're not by a chain gun. Is to have a Plasma Rifle or an Assault Rifle (this the way how I kill them you do not have to follow this if you want to) and what you do is to try to get there back, on their back between their two big heavy shields, they have a little orange color soft muscle or tissue, that really takes a life down and keep shooting at it will take a lot of their health down and even eventually it will kill them. After you kill them (the Hunters), you and the group Marines that are with you take the Grav Lift to the ship. Now what you are going to do is, to find Capt. Keyes. Doug basically what you're doing in the ship like you said playing Capt. but if you think about is what you expect with the ship look like. It's really purple and not too much dark colors. because the colors and the ship is basically the same colors on the guns, ships, and vehicles. And so there's not really much to talk about really on the ship because you really are just, killing the covenant that's all you doing, really nothing too big in there. And after you get the captain you escape.

           Now the next mission you do is called "The Silent Cartographer". And you start again on one of the Pelicans. And you are flying over a island and land on a beach, that's basically where you start the mission. Now what your mission is to find the Silent Cartographer, and it is hiding under the island. And what you have to do, is to find the control room and find it, and find the map room that holds the Halo installation. And at the start you get a Warthog and you get two Marines to go with you (well he had to walk a little then you get but it is close to the start).

          And when you get to with the control room is it becomes locked, so now you have to go basically to the other side of the island to go to unlock the control room, and then go back. and you go into the control room and you find a blueprint of the Halo. This not much to talk about on this level, sometimes there will be a big level and sometimes that won't. This one as you can see not much. And right now I'm going to mix the the next mission with this one because I do not feel "Assaults on the Control Room" mission is big so I'm going to mix these two together because it's basically almost thing. Now "Assaults on the Control Room" is basically a race between the Covenant and the Marines to get to the Halo control room. And the environment is more snowy and has a lot of battles, and this is where you see the Scorpion for the first time (excluding the video scene on "The Pillar of Autumn") and you get to use it. And when you get into the control room this is where the Flood comes in and Capt. Keyes is trying to find a weapon stash and unknown to him holds the parasites (the Flood) and you've got to go look for Capt. Keyes.

          The next mission that you encounter is called "343 Guilty Spark", and this takes place in Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility. Now part one of this mission takes place in a swamp. The Pelican you ride in will sit to the whole game called Echo 419 drops you in the swamp outside of the Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility, because you are looking for Capt. Keyes because he is been out of contact for while. Part two is basically being in Installation 04 Flood Containment Facility, so you fight the flood and you try to look for Capt. Keayes. So when you get into the facility this is where you encounter the Flood for the first time. You know how the Flood is, if you don't they are creepy, little, ugly, parasite bugs. The easiest way to kill them is to have the Pistol or Assault Rifle and Shotgun. And here is another tip: 1) Use the Pistol and Shotgun. 2) Watch out for the little bugs, because they can bring back the Flood monster. 3) The only reason I tell you to use an assault rifle because, there is one monster that spills out the little bus. So those are a few tips you should follow. And while You go through the facility you will encounter the Covenant too, so don't forget them. Sadly we get to the facility and you find Capt. Keyes. men who accompanied him.

          You find Capt. Keyes men killed by the Flood. When I saw that it was a sad moment in this game, even how they died it was horrible. This game shows emotion happy and sad, which you have never seen in any kind of rated M shooter game. After you see what happens to Capt. Keyes men, and when you are trying to head out of the facility with the Marines, you meet a person that might be on your side. This is where you meet 343 Guilty Spark a.k.a. the Oracle. Now I'm going to put mission "The Library" with this one mission, because there's not much to talk about the library really. Mainly your mission is the Oracle teleports you to the Installation 04 Library, and have to face the flood about four times before you can reach the Activation Index or the Sacred Icon.

          The next mission that you do is called "Two Betrayals", and where it is set same place where "Assaults on the Control Room" was taken. But you are going the opposite direction over your going from "Assaults on the Control Room". Your mission is to destroy the three Phase Pulse Generator which is the main power for Halo's main weapon. And in this mission you steal Activation Index, because the Activation Index helps activate Halo. And Cortana explains to the Master Chief what will happen Halo was activated. Basically human life will be wiped out. And this is where the Master Chief turns against the Oracle and while the Chief is trying to destroy Phase Pulse Generator, there is a "price" for the Chief's head. and after you finished destroying the last Phase Pulse Generator, teleports you to the "The Truth and Reconciliation".

          Now you return to "The Truth and Reconciliation" to find and rescue Capt. Keyes. On the ship you fight, feeling like you fighting a endless swarm of the Flood and the Covenant. After you do all that you find a sad moment in this game. A SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see that Capt. Keyes has been taken over by the Flood.

This was another sad moments in this game, just like how Capt. Keyes men died,it was the same emotion. Now here is the last mission in Halo: Combat Evolved it is called "The Maw". This takes place of the wreak in of "The Pillar of Autumn". On this level you have no one just like the last two levels, it's just you and Cortana. this level you have to detonate the ship's reactor to destroy Halo, the Flood, the Covenants huge army, and stopping the end of humanity.

           I hope you enjoy this post, Halo 2 will be worked on this week suck and get it done by Sunday.  If it won't be done by Sunday, then it will be done next Monday. Each level a lot of it was my own words, but I went online to help give me a basic plot of each level. So here is the link so to show you I am showing you where I got the help and the push:

Like I said hope you enjoy it and get ready for Halo 2

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