Friday, September 7, 2012

Have you met Slender Man yet?

          The meaning "Have you met Slender Man yet?" I like it and its funny. But does anybody know what means? If you do, your are keeping up with the gaming community. If you do not know what it means, well I'm going to tell you now. It is a meaning used in a game called "Slender". Slender is a Creepy, Suspenseful, Horrific game. WARNING!!!!! THERE MIGHT AND/OR PROBABLY BE SPOILER ALERT!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THE SUSPENSE TO YOURSELF!!!! DON'T READ MORE OF THIS POST!!!!!!

          Now to go on, where you start in this game is in this Forest and you are given only a flashlight. So what your objective is simple collect the 8 papers or pages in the Forest and your done. Simple right? Well I don't think so, because each paper you get, more and more the music get suspenseful. Each page gets a music add-on. And here is why the meaning "Have you met Slender Man yet?" came up. Cause when you pick up a page more and more the Slender Man follows you. "How do you know?" you ask, cause when you behind you, the screen get static and sometimes The Slender Man his hiding, or SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! He might get you, and you you'll know, when he does get you you'll know, but I'm not going to tell you what happens. I mean come on I'm not going to tell you more then that, I still want to keep some suspense. But I want to give you two tips before I get into the depth. Tip 1: Do not run, The Slender Man will track you faster and follow you faster. And Tip 2: After the 6th page The Slender Man is right behind you. And those of the tips you should keep in mind.


         Now enough talking about the game now let's break it down a little bit. I mean that's why you signed up for my blog site right? Now let's talk about the environment shall we? Now I like it how they put in a forest, it gives a more that wide and open environment, and how it it is at nighttime to a gives it the creepiness of the enough forest. Now it's cool it gives you different settings for the graphics, you can have a different feeling in the environment, whether be okay to spectacular graphics. I think the music should be next that you think? Now why did they pick the creepy, suspenseful, Jaws (like the main theme song of Jaws) type of music? Because if you think about it for a second this game would not be creepy, if you didn't have the suspenseful type of music. Because that's what really makes this game,of course the environment, but without the music I have a doubt the this game will be less scary, creepy, and suspenseful without it. Now let's talk about Slender Man. Now if you think about it, slender man looks kind of like G-man from Half-Life, don't you think? Slender man in G-man, have the same type of outfit. But G-man his coat and pants are mainly navy blue and I think he has a red tie and I'm not sure and he has a face too. I think that's why Slender Man is creepy because he looks formal but he doesn't have a face to go with it and I think the black outfit really blends in with the forest kind of like wearing a camel liked it like the military does but in formal uniform.So I think that's what I'm going to talk about Slender, I recommend playing this game it's a lot of fun, but it is creepy though so it is not for the faint of heart that is for sure. I will give the link to the game website so you can download it.


          Now around the wintertime I am planning to do a one-off of this game on YouTube. Like I said it will be a one-off but it will be "Let's Play" and I am probably well do it with one of my friends so to be more fun and funny. Just a big FYI there will be a lot of..... Like I'm going to tell you?! You're just going to have to wait until the December and I am just going to stick with Amnesia. Oh and I forgot the "Let's Play Doom 3" will be continued, but I might do it with my friend, who is doing the one-off Slender with me.

       And here is the link of the Slender website where you can download the game:
I hope you enjoy it and hope The Slender Man does not get to you

       And FYI and for future reference. These pictures are not taken by me, they are taken by other people so do not give me the credit I give them the credit. I'm just using this for illustration to make it look cooler and the Doom 2 pics are not mine too, so like I said these are not my pics. I will let you know when it's my pics, other than that do not give me the credit of the pictures only the contents of the words are mine. I hope you enjoy more of my post.

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