Monday, September 3, 2012

Doom 2 (My favorite video game of all time)

Ok to start out on my first post about a my favorite video game of all time. Now some people (I have seen) start out on the first game ever made, Pong (if you don't know that, which would be scary if you didn't know that). Some people might talk about new games out there. But rarely I see someone's favorite game as there first post. So I'm going to do that, my favorite video game of all time is, Doom 2.

          And some people ask my "Why do you pick Doom 2, out of all the games in the world, even games today that beat it?" And I say "Well a lot of games today do not mount what Doom 2 is." And hear is the reason why. 

          Because this was the 3rd first-person shooter made by id software and this was there 11th game made. But why I like it over Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, is because. Wolfenstein 3D was great, the real first-person shooter (over the arcade games like Battlezone, a so to say "first-person" but your in a tank) so thats what mean. But the graphics are ok, and I understand the graphics were great back then, but it was the best. 

          And thats when Doom came out. Now the graphics were more 3D and the music was better. The plot was good and the monsters were awesome too. But when Doom 2 came out, there is just something that made it better then Doom. 

          I think its longer, you get the super shotgun, more monsters, and I think the IA of the monsters from the first one is harder. The plot was longer (like I said before) and was more better and cooler, and I liked how it continued from Doom. 
And like how it went to Earth and how the character started on Earth went back to Hell to stop the monsters crawling to Earth. 

          And the last level to end it was the coolest, but so hard. In my opinion harder then the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind both bosses are on the last level on Episode 2 and 3 not together though separate. 

        The reason why it was so hard was, the opening of head shoots out different monsters (not including the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind) and they tried to stop you from doing this. WARNING!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! I am give away how to beat this level, if do not know how to beat it and you want to figure it out for yourself. DO NOT READ THIS PART!!!!!!!!! You have to go up these steps, well you have to take down a level and brings you up. You have to flip a switch that brings up the this elevator, in front of the head. And what you have to do is take the elevator up (it goes slow) and shoot 3 rockets into the opening of the head. If you do get one in the monster will scream or shout. If you successfully get all 3 rockets in there the Head will blow up. Sounds easy right? WRONG!!!! 

          Because the elevator is on poison, and you have to wait for the elevator to come down, so you can't stay there forever. And the harder difficulty level the less invulnerability you get and on "Hurt Me Plenty" and the harder levels they put the Revenant where the radiation suits are. And like I said the monsters are there to stop you. And if you die don't have to save it, because at the start they have all the weapons in the room, so if you die, you can get all of weapons in one room. And FYI you want to blow the head up as fast as you can, cause more monsters comes in and none of them go away (unless of course then they will go away). 

Like I said before Doom 2 in is better then Doom 1 in my opinion and its my favorite game of all time.

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