Friday, September 14, 2012

Halo series: Reach-3:ODST

          Hey everyone, now I know this is my third post, but this one is going to be a special one. This one is going to be on the whole Halo series, I am going to do Reach, Halo 1-3, and Halo 3: ODST. and I'm going to do the order the way the games came out, so kind a like how George Lucas did it with Star Wars. And just let you know this is going to be a 5 parter. So each game is going to have their own post and I'm not doing Halo Wars.

          This is the this is from you quick update and there will be a Halo post this week. So get ready for it. Oh and I forgot I'm not including Halo 4. For two reasons, one because it has not come out yet, and two I am not really excited about it. So if you do not like me saying that, that I do not like or are not excited for Halo 4, then you just do not have to read my Halo post. And if you're wondering why I am separating all the games. Because they are so good that I can't do all in one post and they are so big it's hard to fit in one post. 

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