Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey Everyone!


I have made a new YouTube channel just for this blog. My channel will contain this: Video Blogs and "Let's Play" one-offs. My other channel, I was doing that but not getting a lot of views. So I thought lets throw that channel away, and make a new one, that uses my blog. And the video blogs with consist of a big topic or if I just want to talk about a game, instead of writing it, I will. But I'll still do written blogs. So I just want to let everyone know. So this is going to be a big change. So all my focuses are My Blog and this Mod I'm helping out on. So just to let you know, I'm not doing anything after this blog and my 500 viewer blog special or until a couple more week. Cause next week is my finals, so need to get ready for those. Halo 2 part will be made, I'll start on it in couple weeks. If anybody does not know what happened to my Halo 2 part 2 incident. Check out "Quick Update", so yeah, we are at 497 views 3 more and we are 500 views!!!!!! So come everyone tell everyone!

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